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new flight course at the cariben sea

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Comercial Pilot Training in 8 months

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Landing and take off meeting

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About The Training

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Becoming an Aviator is one of the most exciting accomplishments you can make. No matter if you just want to gain a new skill or if you are looking to make a new career for yourself, learning to become a pilot is a life changing experience.  At Student Pilot we like to provide our readers with all the latest and most up to date information.

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learn to fly in 8 months

There is a tremendous need for qualified pilots in many fields from aircraft transport, commercial airlines, and commercial flight carriers. Qualified pilots are also in short supply for air ambulances and as qualified instructors.

Becoming a licensed Aviator can be a life changing experience as well as rewarding financially and just plain FUN

Schools and Academy’s

Educational Opportunities

Finding the right program to meet your needs can be exhausting so we have collected information on the various training programs and centers for your review no matter if you are new to flying, have a license and seeking to move up a category or if you are seeking a different vocation in the aviation industry.

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Ask Terry

Answers From a Professional Aviation Operator

I have a busy schedule, can I spread out my lessons to meet my time schedules?
ANSWER: One of the good things about getting your license is that you can do it on your schedule and not be forced to a timeline or agenda.
Anastasia Valencia
I am looking to be able to fly for my cases can I carry my clients as passengers?
ANSWER: Yes, you are only limited by the aircrafts limitations as a private pilot but you can not charge them for the flights without a commercial endorsement
Ernesto Gunter
I travel to South America to see family; can I travel internationally with a private pilot license?
ANSWER: Yes, You can fly anywhere both domestically or internationally with your license.

armando valencia
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